High schools

Sociology, Gender and Higher Ed

New research examines women in the professoriate and the impact of athletics on academic performance.

Scaring Seniors Straight

By revoking admission of applicants who goof off late in high school, U. of Washington hopes to do small part to fight "senioritis."

Affirmative Action for White C+ Guys

Towson University, facing a gender gap, starts admissions program for those with high SAT scores and lower grades.

Coaching and Lasting Out New SAT

College Board admits test-prep can boost writing scores, suggests complaints about test length will get no relief.

The Need for Another Sputnik

The U.S. public doesn't yet share academic leaders' belief in the importance of math and science education, poll suggests.

Seeking a New Skills Revolution

Proposal to overhaul American education would use key test at age 16 and revamp teacher training.

Another Stab at Science Education

National Science Board committee grapples with solutions for improving education and teaching in STEM fields.

Profiling the American Freshman

First-year students are talking politics and becoming less moderate in their views, an annual survey finds.

Higher Ed and the High Schools

College and state leaders gather to discuss better aligning K-12 and postsecondary ed, a problem some see as intractable.

Studies Point to Value of AP

Amid some doubts about the program, 2 analyses in Texas find significant college gains linked to the advanced courses in high school.


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