High schools

Prowling for Cash

Colleges are angered to be told by new college guide that if they don't take out ads, they will get blank pages.

No Pain, No Gain

Educators consider how to make high schools more rigorous so low-income students can qualify for new federal grants for college.

The Hot Choice, Post-College

Teach For America sees record number of applicants, and is becoming more competitive than many top law schools.

What Really Counts in Getting In

Study finds surprising correlations between certain extracurricular activities and college admissions -- and Bourdieu may have provided explanations.

Admissions Revolution

Lloyd Thacker's reform movement -- previously viewed as too idealistic -- gains support from presidents and foundations. It just might have legs.

Arts Education, Street Style

For one DePaul professor, art is outside the box, and outside the classroom.

A Different Diversity Debate

U.S. civil rights panel takes up K-12 cases, which many say will have reverberations throughout higher education.

Hispanic Students Lose a Potential Leg Up

Groups that help Latino youth prepare for college shut out of Education Department competition for grant funds. 

Sociology, Gender and Higher Ed

New research examines women in the professoriate and the impact of athletics on academic performance.

Scaring Seniors Straight

By revoking admission of applicants who goof off late in high school, U. of Washington hopes to do small part to fight "senioritis."


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