3 Colleges Censured

Meharry Medical College, U. of the Cumberlands, and Virginia State join AAUP's bad list. Southern Nazarene and Wingate get off it.

Faculty Farm Team

Lawrence's new fellowships seek to teach future college teachers how to teach.

What They Earn Across the Quad

New research explains why gaps between disciplines are larger at some institutions than others.

Progress and Problems for Female Historians

Report documents advances by women in history departments -- and lingering impact of sexism, both overt and subtle, on careers.

Watch Out for the New Guy

Faculty recruits at Marshall U. are getting salaries that are significantly higher than experienced professors. Guess who isn't happy.

Poli Sci and Gender

A discipline asks why progress in awarding Ph.D.'s to women has not led to progress in hiring them.

'Culture of Arrogance'

Black faculty members "continue to struggle for full inclusion in the academy," according to a new book, Exposing the "Culture of Arrogance" in the Academy: A Blueprint for Increasing Black Faculty Satisfaction in Higher Education (Stylus).

A Less Leftist Brown

Hiring of Glenn Loury and other moves leave conservatives praising a university they loved to bash.

Inbred Historians

Top departments criticized for admitting Ph.D. students and hiring faculty from narrow group of institutions.

Kingsville Democracy

At a Texas A&M campus, the president and Faculty Senate don't like one another, but only one can eliminate the other.


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