Eastern Mennonite U. opts not to lift ban on hiring gay faculty

Pressure grows at Mennonite institutions to end ban on hiring non-straight professors. Eastern Mennonite U., which many hoped was about to shift, declines to do so. But it leaves in place suspension of policy.


Study traces relative success of those who earn Ph.D.s at more and less prestigious institutions

Study documents impact of attending an elite doctoral program on faculty members' careers.

Candidate negotiated out of a job responds to critics


'W.' attracted sympathy and ire last week when the story of her failed attempt at negotiating a tenure-track position went viral. Now she's addressing her critics.

Lost faculty job offer raises questions about negotiation strategy

How one tenure-track candidate's attempts at negotiations resulted in her losing the offer entirely.

Email to job candidates renews debate about conference interviewing

Is it O.K. for a search committee to tell job candidates on January 3 that they do or do not have interviews at a disciplinary meeting that starts January 9?

Eastern Mennonite U. will review policy on hiring gay faculty

Eastern Mennonite U. -- in a move that is highly unusual for members of a Christian college group -- will reconsider its ban on employing faculty members in same-sex relationships.


MLA sees decline in job listings in English and languages


MLA's annual jobs report shows dips in hiring for both English and foreign languages.

Humanities doctoral programs show unexpected boost in new students

New graduate enrollments show modest increases overall, but doctoral programs in the humanities -- where the academic job market remains tough -- are showing larger gains.

MLA explores ideas to streamline letters of recommendation for academic jobs

Professors can spend hours each week, or in some cases each day, writing letters of recommendation for graduate students seeking jobs and postdocs. MLA asks if this time could be better spent.

New book on gender, family and academe shows how kids affect careers in higher education


A decadelong research initiative out of the University of California at Berkeley culminates in a detailed look at the effects of children on men's and women's academic careers.


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