Checking Up on Your Past

More colleges are conducting full background reviews of potential employees -- and debating whether faculty positions should be covered.

When and Why Professors Retire

Provosts at state university meeting consider why some faculty members leave when others don't, and the role of incentives.

Unusual Job Requirement

Philosophers consider implications of requiring applicants to be members of Phi Beta Kappa.

List of Top Academic Employers Evolves

With more colleges participating, COACHE project issues new list of exemplary institutions -- and continues to find that some are not among the wealthiest or most prestigious.

Call for Change in New York

State commission recommends renewed spending on higher education, including a research investment fund, more student aid and less regulation of tuition increases.

Fewer English Jobs, More Language Jobs

As MLA convention approaches and interviews loom, a mixed picture emerges for key humanities disciplines.

Healthy but Mismatched History Job Market

Openings are up while number of new Ph.D.'s is down, but doctorate specialties aren't always where the positions are.

Call to Arms for Academic Labor

Marc Bousquet pulls no punches in "How the University Works," his analysis about why so many Ph.D.'s may never see tenure or decent working conditions.

A Loyalty Oath Firing in 2008

Instructor at Cal State East Bay loses position after trying to amend required statement.

Should Prospective Faculty Disclose Criminal Backgrounds?

A Penn faculty committee votes against requiring information of all applicants, but some experts say that the questions should be asked of everyone.


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