Charlie Wilson's Chair

He may not be Thomas Jefferson, but that does not seem to matter to his supporters. Charlie Wilson, the notoriously fun-loving former Texas Congressman, may soon have an endowed professor’s chair named in his honor, to the dismay of some professors at the University of Texas at Austin.

The Truly Interdisciplinary Search

Michigan Tech decides that to break out of the departmental mode, a university needs a different approach to faculty hiring.

New Questions on Women, Academe and Careers

Top scholars gather to share research findings and works in progress that explore why gender gaps persist in the professoriate and other prestigious jobs on campuses.

A 'Practical Guide' to the Academic Portfolio

It's not a new thing for professors to document their teaching, research and service. That's how people get hired and earn tenure and promotions. But many more colleges are adopting a portfolio system in which professors create more of a full portfolio than a series of lists and dates. This movement is changing both the way individuals are evaluated and the way institutions assess themselves.

Exception to the Rule

From the 1990s on, many colleges have increasingly relied on adjunct professors. Elon has gone from majority part timers to 74 percent tenure track -- and it's not done yet.

History Employment -- Public and Private

While enrollments are up more at state colleges and universities than at independent institutions, jobs don’t necessarily follow.

Tenure on the Chopping Block

Kentucky community college system leaders have plan to eliminate traditional job security for all new faculty hires.

The Tightening Humanities Job Market

With big disciplinary meetings about to start, some reliable measures start to appear about how many colleges are really hiring -- and the news isn't good.

Racial Gaps in Faculty Job Satisfaction

Key study for first time features ethnic breakdowns, finding that white and Latino professors hold similar views but that some minority groups are less happy.

Bias Against Older Candidates

History group reminds departments that age discrimination is illegal. Does academe have a problem when it comes to evaluating candidates who aren't freshly minted Ph.D.'s?


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