Historians announce their 2020 annual meeting won't have a general theme, to avoid "acrobatics" to fit it

Historians announce their 2020 annual meeting won't have a general theme, to avoid "acrobatics" to fit it. Some like the idea and say that themes are pointless, while others say framing topics help make meetings and even disciplines more cohesive.

American Historical Association report reveals harassment and demeaning behavior at its meetings

Historians join political scientists in documenting the unprofessional and illegal behavior women experience at annual gatherings.

New UVA report brings Thomas Jefferson's racist past into the light


The University of Virginia has long promoted ideas about Thomas Jefferson that glossed over his racist beliefs and ownership of slaves. New report by the university explores the more insidious side of his legacy.

Historian's 'quit lit' essay rejects notion that leaving higher ed equals personal failure


Historian’s “quit lit” essay asks readers to consider what’s lost -- personally but especially in terms of disciplinary knowledge -- with so many scholars leaving a broken system behind.

After a major flap, history's premier journal announces series of changes aimed at diversifying viewpoints and contributors


After a major editorial flap, history's premier journal announces a series of changes aimed at diversifying viewpoints and contributors.

Professors debate the role of the historian (or lack thereof) in Ken Burns and Lynn Novick's Vietnam documentary

Professors debate the role -- or absence -- of the historian in Ken Burns and Lynn Novick's new Vietnam documentary, concurring that a lack of critical perspective makes the film more milquetoast than masterpiece.

Historians urge departments to enthusiastically and substantively prepare grad students for a range of careers

Historians urge departments to give their graduate students the confidence, skills and support to succeed in whatever career paths they choose. That means going out of their way to avoid implying that nonfaculty jobs are somehow “less than.”

Panel of historians says teaching about American conservatism is harder now -- but with new opportunities for engaging students

Historians who teach U.S. conservatism say their jobs got a lot harder last year but that Trump's presidency also provides new opportunities for student engagement.

Lawsuit accuses American Studies Association officers of concealing their plans to boycott Israeli universities

Court filings in a suit challenging American Studies Association's boycott of Israeli universities allege that candidates for key roles in association kept their plans to push for a boycott secret when they stood for office.

History book award returned amid questions about citation errors

Honor for history book is given back amid criticism of its citations. Author says there are 52 errors he sees as accidental and mostly minor, but others see more fundamental problems.


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