War of Words Over Paper on Israel

Scholars' critical examination of U.S.-Israeli ties is called shoddy and bigoted; others say harsh reaction proves the study's point.

A Gift Unearths a Rift

NYU's plan for $200 million institute on antiquity renews debate over collecting of ancient objects.

Beyond 40 Acres and a Mule

Historians consider their role in reparations debate -- and why debate won't go away.

Spicing Up U.S. History

Professors consider ways to improve the content and teaching of survey courses.

Not So OpenCourseWare

Web page for Pulitzer-winning historian's course is temporarily halted at MIT amid Chinese students' complaints of cultural insensitivity.

Senatorial Peer Review

Lawmakers tell NSF what it should and shouldn't fund -- and question some grants (without bothering to talk to the researchers involved).

Help for the Minor Majors

Princeton is finding ways to get more students to study what they love, not what everyone else is studying.

A Meeting of Humanistic Minds

Session on state of the humanities emphasizes solutions and humor over hand wringing.

Truth and Consequences

Faculty inquiry finding misconduct by Ward Churchill also faults his university -- and leaving fate uncertain, is sure to stoke more debate.

New Home for King Papers

Morehouse College takes ownership of civil rights leader's documents -- easing some scholars' concerns about access to the historical record.


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