Hong Kong

Questions about faculty list at new university

Newly launched Cambridge Graduate University has an impressive list of faculty members. Too bad many of them have never heard of it.

Hong Kong seeks to attract international students


It is offering scholarships and more to recruit those who would have gone to the West in past years.

Trump targets Fulbright in China, Hong Kong

Provision buried in executive order the president signed Tuesday directed officials to end exchange program in response to Beijing's tightening control over the region.

Protest movement in Hong Kong spreads to Taiwan


Universities see a wave of campus protests and vandalism.

Students and university-educated young people play central role in Hong Kong protests


Students and university-educated young people are playing central roles in the protests in Hong Kong.

Foreign universities consider how best to enter the MOOC market


Non-American universities consider different options for entering the MOOC market, which to date has been dominated by elite U.S. institutions.

The American Model

As Hong Kong moves to the 4-year bachelor’s, its youngest university revels in chance to add general education, and become more like U.S. institutions -- serving as example for China.
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