Medieval studies groups say major conference is trying to limit diverse voices and topics


Medieval studies groups say a major conference is trying to limit the number of diverse voices and topics. The debate is part of a bigger fight over whether medieval studies should remain a fundamentally European field.

Two groups whose memberships extend beyond liberal arts issue statement in support of liberal arts and its disciplines

Two groups issue joint statement on "increasingly threatened" disciplines and approaches.

Responding to student criticism that its foundational humanities course is too white, Reed College announces changes

Responding to student criticism that its foundational humanities course is too “white” and “Eurocentric,” Reed College announces overhaul of the syllabus and format.

President Trump nominates Jon Parrish Peede to lead humanities endowment

Jon Parrish Peede has been leading endowment on acting basis. He has expressed interest in the endowment promoting nonfaculty careers in humanities.

Study finds humanities majors land jobs and are happy in them

New data suggest that STEM majors are not the only route to success.

Stony Brook professors worry budget is being balanced on backs of junior faculty, humanities programs

Stony Brook professors worry their budget is being balanced on the backs of junior faculty colleagues and programs in the humanities, risking curricular breadth and institutional integrity.

As more humanities Ph.D.s are awarded, job openings are disappearing

New analysis finds the number of doctorates awarded keeps rising, even as number of job openings drops.

MLA votes by large margin to 'refrain' from backing Israel boycott

Move -- by 2-to-1 margin -- follows several years of heated debates at association’s annual meetings.

Analysis finds significant drop in humanities majors but gains in liberal arts degrees at community colleges

Declines in bachelor’s degrees awarded are particularly notable for English and history, but trends at community colleges may cheer advocates for the liberal arts.

Faux scholarly article sets off criticism of gender studies and open-access publishing

Fake article is published, calling for the penis to be seen conceptually, not as a body organ. Debates take off about gender studies and open-access journals.


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