Analysis says humanities Ph.D.s get take longer in coursework than dissertations


New analysis suggests that time to degree for Ph.D.s may not be as lengthy as some assume, and that the key to shorter humanities doctorates may be coursework, not the dissertation.


Positive reports for humanities earnings, art school job prospects

Two separate reports show evidence of humanities and arts majors finding success in the professional world.

2012 Median annual earnings of full-time workers with bachelor's degrees for selected fields

Survey finds stability in humanities departments

Survey finds departments and numbers of faculty positions more stable than is widely assumed, and policies on use of digital materials for promotion absent from most institutions.

In evaluating digital humanities, enthusiasm may outpace best practices

Digital Humanities

Language and literature scholars have embraced technology in their research, but can they win tenure on it?


Humanities graduates are happy with their lives, survey says

A new survey found that more than 90 percent of graduates are happy with their lives, despite all the pundits who say they shouldn’t be.


Study finds community colleges are the only colleges in the world with growing humanities

Global survey of higher education finds the trend everywhere but at U.S. two-year institutions.


Biden budget outlines proposals for science agencies and humanities endowment

President seeks large increases for NIH and NSF and a more modest increase for the NEH.


Strategies for effective humanities recruitment


Humanities programs are hurting and in some cases fighting for survival. A new report shows they are not passive victims and that many have robust strategies to attract students.


Author discusses his book on a fight over the classics that points to answers to questions about the humanities

Author discusses his book on a 19th-century scholarly battle and its lessons for debates on the humanities today.


Author discusses her book on jobs for humanities Ph.D.s

Author discusses her new book on a topic that has become more difficult but no less important during the pandemic.



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