When the Admissions Craze is Too Crazy

New novel satirizes the college admissions crunch.

Offensive Phrase Strikes Again

Student radio hosts at Roger Williams suspended from station for using line that took down Don Imus.

Stanford ... Without Tests and Tuition

University investigates two cases in which people claimed to be part of the institution but were not.

How This Year's Frosh Will Make You Feel Older

The class of 2011 is arriving at campuses all over -- and inspiring plenty of professors to wonder why the new students seem younger every year. For a decade, Beloit College has been helping out with its annual Mindset List of gentle reminders of what new students grew up with and what they never experienced.

The Stuff Factor

Students, increasingly the target of retail marketing, are bringing more to their dorms.

Forget Friending -- Roommate Me

For the first time, incoming students at San Francisco State U. can select who they want to live with by searching online profiles.

YouTube Studies

Pitzer College class is both dedicated to and cataloged on the video-sharing Web site.

Sign of the Times?

Poster reading "$160,000" (and more) that appeared on several buildings at Brown is one student's commentary on campus life.

On YouTube, No Enrollment Caps

University of California at Berkeley expands the public reach of its courses in a new video portal with complete lectures, ready to be streamed.

How to Deal ... With Life

Vice is alive and well in the dorm. Now a group originating at Harvard Law School seeks to bring it into the teaching realm. Is poker a winning academic bet?


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