Sweetening the Deal

Study finds faculty can do more than teach well (think chocolate) to improve their score on student evaluations.

The Pilgrimage Home

Should colleges accept that classrooms will be empty today -- or try to keep students from starting Thanksgiving too early?

Spray-Painting Pynchon

Vandalism or clarion call? The University of California at Santa Barbara discovers a postmodern surprise all over campus after Thanksgiving break.

Back (or Forward) to School

Hoping to expose more people to campus and build up their donor base, colleges offer short academic programs for grandparents and their grandkids.

A New Campus, According to Ancient Principles

Maharishi U. is reconstructing its entire physical plant in line with the "nourishing" principles of Vedic architecture.

An Unlikely Dean

A Microsoft executive who had given up on plans for an academic career is chosen to lead Lawrence University's Conservatory of Music.

The Arrival of 'Merit-Blind Admissions'

Some Brown University mathematics professors were confused and dismayed this month to learn that the university planned to admit 20 percent of its next freshman class completely at random -- by putting names in a hat and drawing them out.

Closure in an Ethics Case

Southern Illinois professor who felt slighted by state's judgment that he finished a mandatory test too quickly says he feels vindicated by settlement.

Calling All Kids: Take Tough Courses

College access advertising campaign aims to encourage 8th through 10th graders to take on biology, foreign languages and algebra II.

Stripping His Way to a Ph.D.

Journalism professor's new book is a distinctly personal account of researching D.C.'s gay clubs.


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