Hurricane Katrina

New Orleans universities suffer only minor damage from Isaac

New Orleans universities say the changes they've made since Katrina helped them emerge from Isaac relatively unscathed. 


Katrina Sends Students Fleeing

When hurricane hit New Orleans, colleges had evacuated; many campuses in region turn gyms into shelters.

U.S. Help for Students Affected by Katrina

Education Department will ease financial aid for transferring students and waive rules, officials say.

A Higher Ed Clearinghouse on Katrina

Our readers offer help and other thoughts to those affected by the hurricane.

Finding New Homes or Temporary Homes

While some students from colleges in New Orleans enroll elsewhere, their institutions still hope that the semester will not be lost.

Conceding Defeat -- for a Semester

Tulane and Loyola call off plans for the fall, colleges outside New Orleans set re-opening dates, and academic conferences relocate.

Law School in Exile

Since Loyola can't teach future lawyers in New Orleans, it is setting up shop at the University of Houston.

Still Waiting

Many students whose community colleges were shut by Katrina have no good options.

Homeless Recruiters

How Tulane and Dillard plan -- without access to their campuses this fall -- to fill their freshmen classes next year.

Next Step for the Higher Ed Act

With legislative picture muddied by Katrina, Senate panel makes fast work of its version of key bill.


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