Trump administration announces plans to wind down DACA after six months

Colleges look to support students after administration announces end of program that granted hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants protection from deportation and the right to work.

MIT supports a custodian who has been detained and faces deportation

MIT rallies around a custodian who has been detained by immigration authorities and faces possible deportation.

Dreamers grapple with increased stresses and challenges

For many undocumented immigrant students at California State University, Fullerton, it's been a tough semester.

Revised travel ban excludes current visa holders but continues to raise concerns for higher education


Revised travel ban promises to reduce disruption to current students and scholars from affected countries, but concerns remain for new international enrollments and American higher ed’s continued ability to attract top talent from abroad.

Texas bill could force campus police to play role in immigration matters

Texas legislation could force campus police departments to hold on to those they arrest until federal immigration authorities can consider their legal status.

In outlining commitments to undocumented immigrant students, some presidents avoid term 'sanctuary'

University presidents articulate specific commitments to support undocumented immigrant students, but in many cases eschew the term -- “sanctuary campus” -- preferred by activists.

College presidents call for continuation of Obama administration program protecting undocumented students

Amid uncertainty over Trump presidency, college leaders sign on to a statement calling for the continuation of a program that has benefited undocumented college students.

Growing movement calls on universities to limit their cooperation with federal immigration officials


A growing movement, in wake of Trump’s victory, calls on colleges to limit cooperation with federal immigration officials. Legal and political impacts are unclear.

For-profit Grand Canyon University enrolls a growing number of undocumented students

A for-profit college has emerged as a leading choice for undocumented students in Arizona.

Students and faculty members at Augsburg U rallying around professor facing deportation

Students and faculty members at Augsburg U are rallying around a longtime professor who immigration officials say must soon return to Kenya -- or be deported.


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