ICE investigation targets international student work program


U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement announces actions against foreign students accused of abusing work training program. College officials may also face sanctions.

Aid for DACA students becomes a sticking point in relief package debate

Republicans release their plan for coronavirus relief. Not included: help for DACA students.

Despite Supreme Court ruling, Trump administration moves to curb DACA

In what critics say is defiance of Supreme Court ruling, Trump administration says it will reject new DACA applications and shorten the renewal period to one year.

What happens next for DACA -- and for college-aged students who want to apply for the first time?

In wake of Supreme Court ruling blocking Trump from ending DACA, the future of the program protecting young undocumented immigrants remains uncertain.

Immigration restrictions target H-1Bs, certain J visas

Order suspends entry for foreign workers coming to U.S. through certain visa programs but spares a program important for international students.

Supreme Court rules that Trump administration cannot immediately end DACA


Supreme Court rules that the Trump administration's decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program was "arbitrary and capricious."

University of California and Cal State to give emergency aid to DACA students

University of California and Cal State say they will give emergency grants to DACA students, after education secretary excluded them from the stimulus bill.

DACA students excluded from emergency stimulus grants

Undocumented students dealing with campus closures are not eligible for emergency stimulus grants, the Education Department said.

Stimulus benefits unclear for DACA students

The coronavirus response bill gives colleges the latitude to decide which students receive aid. So are DACA recipients eligible?

Historians approve anti-ICE resolution but vote down anti-Israel proposals at their annual meeting


Historians approve an anti-ICE resolution but vote down anti-Israel proposals at their annual meeting. They also show support for nontenured colleagues.


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