India warned that lack of academic freedom will hurt drive for research excellence


Lack of respect for international norms will detract from efforts to build research excellence.

India's draft national education policy outlines an ambitious -- and difficult to achieve -- agenda

India's new draft national education policy lays out an ambitious agenda for transformation, but experts are skeptical about whether the proposed massive increases in expenditures will be forthcoming.

Asian Studies scholars debate ethics of holding future conferences in Asia after visa debacle in India


Members of Asian studies group debate whether to continue holding conferences in Asia after India barred Pakistanis from participating in a conference in New Delhi.

Academics in India face restrictions on criticizing government


Government says rules on conduct of civil servants should apply to scholars at central universities.

Conference for scholars on Asia turns into dispute over academic freedom


Anger grows over major scholarly meeting in Asian studies, organized by group based in U.S., that will hold conference in India even though Pakistanis will be banned from attending.

After huge surge in enrollment from India, Central Missouri sees a substantial drop

At the University of Central Missouri, the number of students from India went from 152 five years ago to 2,429 in 2015 -- and 631 today.

Authors discuss new book about the success in education and business of immigrants from India

Authors discuss their new book on the success -- in educational attainment and business -- of Indians in the United States.

Indian university buys Long Island campus, cancels other proposed purchases under regulatory scrutiny

Under scrutiny from regulators in Massachusetts, where it hoped to acquire a campus, Amity University focuses its plans for U.S. expansion on just-purchased campus on Long Island.

Scholars in India demand that Harvard U Press drop its well-respected editor


Thousands of academics and others in India attack esteemed book series by Harvard U Press and its well-respected editor, a Columbia professor, because the project is in the U.S. and the editor has differed from Hindu nationalist teachings.

Reports of Indian students being turned away at border cast spotlight on two little-known California institutions

Reports of Indian students being turned away by customs officials and prevented from boarding U.S.-bound flights cast spotlight on two little-known California institutions with 90 percent-plus international enrollment.


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