The View From Hyderabad

Leader of a young Indian university offers perspective on higher education summit convening in Washington.

Acceptances Up for Foreign Applicants

U.S. graduate schools accept more from abroad, especially from China.

Harvard, India and Intolerance

Economist's op-ed calling for his home country to take steps against Islam leaves the university facing calls to dismiss him.

Capacity and Quality

Leaders of Asian universities brief American counterparts on top issues -- with considerable commonality from country to country.

Undercutting the Openness Message

Treatment of prominent Indian scientist in visa process seen as damaging U.S. progress in attracting foreign researchers.

Impediments to Art Exchange

Scientists have grabbed the headlines, but some artists and art students may have visa woes of their own.

Comeback for Coke?

U. of Michigan abandons boycott. Its officials says the company agreed to real changes, but activists say the shift is a sham.

International Rebound

For the first time since 2002, enrollment of first-time graduate students from abroad is up.

The Prospective (Foreign) Student

Survey results shed light on priorities and preferences of potential international students as international education conference begins.

'World Class Worldwide'

Higher education is increasingly international, especially at research universities. But the meaning of research university and of being a "world class" institution isn't the same all over the world. With that in mind, Philip G. Altbach and Jorge Balán organized a conference on institutions in Asia and Latin America.


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