Apples and Oranges in International Statistics

New report warns of the limitations of international comparisons of educational achievement.

Mapping the Indian Business Student Boom

Demand for business education among Indian students is still growing, but U.S. share and historical advantage appear to be slipping.

Fear Factor

In wake of high-profile murders at Louisiana State, experts consider the impact on conceptions of U.S. campus safety among prospective international students.

American College Programs in Mumbai Are Cautious and Relieved

Though several colleges have programs in city hit by wave of attacks, they report no harm to students or employees. A former professor is among Americans killed.

Passage to India

South Asia beckons American colleges looking for students, joint ventures and new sources of funds. But are expectations too high?

Sunshine for International Recruiting

Amid criticism, U.S. universities have quietly paid companies commission to recruit students abroad. Now they're doing it publicly, and trying to standardize practices.

All Eyes on India


For U.S. universities, India remains a frontier of sorts. “Right now, we’re basically doing exploration of India, trying to figure out what the path forward is there,” said the president of Georgia State University, Mark P. Becker, who traveled to India this spring. Georgia State isn’t interested in opening a branch campus in India – one, because it doesn’t have the resources and two, because, Becker said, “it’s not exactly clear why we would want to do that at this point.” But the university – like many others in the U.S.

Introducing India to Community College

Two-year institution in U.S. awarded grant to help Indian institutions improve their career and technical education offerings.


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