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Analysts, colleges question Blackboard's all-of-the-above strategy


The education company wants to be a cutting-edge software provider and support colleges using older versions. Analysts and some colleges worry the company is stretching itself too thin.

Colleges move to digital transcripts managed by outside firms

Use of e-transcripts catches on, opening the door to new uses for the student record.

Market forecast predicts major growth within LMS industry

A new market forecast suggests learning management systems won't just survive for another five years -- they'll thrive.

As colleges prepare for major software upgrades, Kuali tries to woo them from from corporate vendors


As colleges replace aging campus management software, billions will be spent. Can open-source Kuali save money, and gain traction against corporate competitors?

MIT releases report on its role in the case against Internet activist Aaron Swartz

Six months after Aaron Swartz's suicide, report says MIT acted appropriately but missed opportunity to be leader on key legal and technology issues. Critics call it a whitewashing.

Why colleges are prioritizing privacy


Protecting the personal information of students and employees is a growing concern for colleges and universities, but where does the buck stop?

Ellucian Banner security flaw highlighted by Education Department


Sensitive student data from over 60 colleges could be vulnerable as the result of a security flaw in Ellucian’s widely used enterprise resource planning software.

Washtenaw Community College outsources its IT staff

Struggling to keep up with technology challenges, Washtenaw Community College plans to pay a third party to manage all of its IT functions. The decision has drawn criticism from faculty and staff members.

IEEE in trouble once again for allegedly minimizing work of female historians


Scholarly society for engineers and technologists is on blast once again for allegedly minimizing the work of female historians who write about bias against women in technology.

Scholar sets off Twitter furor by critiquing a book he hasn't read


Scholar at respected professional organization sets off Twitter furor by questioning new book on technology and discrimination that he later admitted he hadn't read. 


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