Information Technology

Delivering on the Promise of Digital Data

The technology has transformed research, but U.S. needs more coordinated policy, report says.

Blackboard, WebCT to Merge

Combination of 2 leading e-learning platforms will dominate market, but some college officials fret about impact.

Blackboard vs....

In buying WebCT, did course-management giant vanquish competition, or is open source the real competition?

Security Fears

Survey of higher ed technology leaders finds that protecting networks is their top issue -- and that lapses have been widespread.

Beyond 'Toys, Travel and Food'

Institutionally, most colleges have, in one way or another, embraced the use of technology in how they educate their students. Four in five colleges and universities use some form of content management system, and educational technologists are no longer unusual creatures on their campuses.

The Sounds of Stanford, via the iPod

University will offer lectures and sports free to alums and the public, and course content to students, through Apple's music store.

$7 Billion to Fix a Non-Problem

U.S. hardly ever seeks wiretaps on college networks, but orders colleges to make it easier to install wiretaps.

New Dawn or the Perfect Storm?

At Educause meeting, James Hilton catalogs the threats and opportunities that technology presents for higher education.

After 'Grokster,' the Battle Continues

The U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decision in MGM Studios v. Grokster continues to reverberate in the world where music and technology collide, as another file sharing network popular with college students, i2hub, followed Grokster Monday in announcing that it would shut down.

But if recording industry officials think they have definitively won the battle over the free sharing of music and video, they are mistaken, many students -- and some campus experts -- say.

Open to Open Source

Colleges amenable to noncommercial technologies but move cautiously in adopting them, study finds.


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