Intellectual property

Who Owns Research at Brown?

Administrators agree to clarify a policy on intellectual property -- and faculty critics are pleased.

Patenting Research Just Got Harder

Supreme Court ruling expands studies that can legally be done using products of others' intellectual property.

Supreme Court Rules Against File Sharing Companies

Students are major users of downloading software that justices say entertainment companies can sue over.

New Issue at the Bargaining Table

Appeals court tells CUNY it must negotiate with faculty union over intellectual property rules.

Really Open Source

Rice U.'s Connexions, which lets professors from any campus share materials, tries to challenge traditional peer review and publishing.

University as Author?

Court showdown looms in Kansas over whether public universities own all scholarly work.

New Option for Student Shoppers: E-Books

8 college stores plan to offer electronic texts this fall, but will they sell?

Google's Small Nod to Publishers

Google has made relatively few missteps during its phenomenally successful corporate life so far -- and its officials probably wouldn't characterize its announcement Friday that way.

The Spread of Legal Online Music

More colleges offer students access to what they want to hear, but not all students want to stop file sharing.

Easing the Copyright Challenge

Permissions center partners with Blackboard to help professors gain approval as they build their online courses.


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