International higher education

Study abroad field faces altered reality and unknowns about when regular programs can resume


With no clear timeline for putting students on planes again, study abroad providers face layoffs and uncertain futures. And when they do resume regular programming, they'll need new health and safety protocols.

Study abroad students caught by international border closures


Students studying abroad have difficulty getting home after countries close borders and restrict travel due to the coronavirus crisis. Some have gotten home, while others remain stuck in host countries.

COVID-19 disrupts international student exchange in both directions

Questions and stresses remain for international students in the U.S. affected by COVID-19 closures, and many American students studying abroad come home.

Coronavirus forces U.S. universities online in China

Compelled to close their campuses to limit the spread of coronavirus, U.S. universities with Chinese branches move at lightning speed to take teaching online.

Education Department escalates inquiry into reporting of foreign gifts and contracts

With investigations of Harvard and Yale, Education Department steps up its inquiry into reporting of foreign gifts to universities -- and sends a message to other institutions.

The longer the coronavirus crisis persists, the bigger the likely impact on Chinese student enrollments


U.S. colleges could see a major enrollment pipeline cut off this fall if the coronavirus epidemic persists. Meanwhile, Australian universities are missing more than half their Chinese students weeks before their fall semester begins.

International applications and first-time international enrollments increase at U.S. grad schools


Survey finds increases in international applications and first-time international enrollments at U.S. graduate schools last fall. But looking ahead to this fall, uncertainties abound.

Amid 'authoritarian resurgence,' George Soros pledges $1 billion toward new university network


Bard College and Central European University will lead new network focused on a range of education, social, civic, human rights and environmental issues.

Prosecution in China of student for tweets he posted while studying in U.S. raises free speech concerns

The arrest and sentencing of a Chinese student at the University of Minnesota for tweets he posted while studying in the U.S. raise concerns about restrictions on Chinese students' speech.

Colleges restrict university travel to China in response to coronavirus


Following Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance, colleges are suspending travel to China, a popular destination for faculty and students and a country where many colleges have deep connections.


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