International higher education

International educators begin to confront the climate crisis

A new network of international education professionals is trying to get the field to face the crisis of climate change -- and the carbon emissions generated by student air travel -- head-on.

Lawsuit challenges program that allows international students to work in the U.S. after graduating


Lawsuit challenges program that lets international students temporarily work in the U.S. Colleges say ending the program would harm students' education and recruitment abroad.

International enrollments declined at the undergraduate, graduate and nondegree levels in 2018-19

"Open Doors" survey finds declines in total numbers of enrolled international students in 2018-19 and continuing declines in new enrollments, though the latter declines are less sharp than in prior two years.

'Open Doors' data show continued increase in numbers of Americans studying abroad


The number of Americans studying abroad increased by 2.7 percent in 2017-18 compared to the previous academic year, according to annual "Open Doors" report.

Federal officials document international threats to U.S. science security


At gathering of university research officers, federal agency officials document foreign governments' efforts to persuade scientists to engage in academic espionage.

Loan companies emerge to cater to the international student market

An industry emerges to issue loans to international students. Interest rates are high, but the companies say they are filling an unmet need and expanding access.

Colleges see declines in Chinese student enrollments

After an unprecedented boom in Chinese undergraduate enrollments, universities see declines.

Cancellation of course on dissent at Yale-NUS campus in Singapore prompted academic freedom inquiry

Yale report finds no violation of academic freedom in the cancellation of a course on dissent at Yale-NUS College in Singapore. Experts say the incident points to tensions surrounding academic freedom in countries with limited political freedoms.

Federal inquiry into a Middle East studies program raises academic freedom concerns


Education Department inquiry into Middle East studies program jointly operated by Duke and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill raises academic freedom concerns.

University of the Bahamas deals with the damage and disruption from Dorian


The University of the Bahamas saw a surge in enrollment this year after the introduction of a free tuition program. Then came Hurricane Dorian.


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