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Harvard freshman said he was barred from the country for friends' social media posts


Palestinian student bound for Harvard said he was blocked from the U.S. after immigration officers questioned him about friends' social media posts critical of President Trump. Civil liberties advocates fear incident could deter international scholars and students.

Colleges use small grants to develop new programs and expand their study abroad capacity

Colleges are looking for ways to increase student participation rates in study abroad programs and to target particular populations that haven't historically studied overseas.

British universities see big jump in Chinese undergraduate applicants

The number of Chinese students applying to U.K. universities surges by 30 percent.

Colleges call for more clarity on rules requiring disclosure of foreign gifts and contracts


As Education Department opens investigations into whether universities complied with law requiring federal reporting of foreign gifts and contracts, colleges call for more clarity on what the law requires.

Two new bills take different approach to protecting U.S. research from foreign threats


Congress is paying increasing attention to risk of foreign actors stealing American research. Two new bills take very different approaches to addressing the threat -- and universities much prefer one approach over the other.

Chinese officials warn students of visa problems if they come to U.S.

China's Ministry of Education warns students of the risk of visa problems if they come to the U.S.

Professor says AU Cairo wronged him in canceling his chair after he resisted donor's demands


A religion professor at the American University in Cairo says the university had no right to revoke his chair title after he resisted a donor's demands that he teach Islam in a preferential manner.

Executed Saudi student was allegedly convicted on basis of confession obtained under torture


A Saudi student who gained admission to Western Michigan University was beheaded last week for charges associated with his participation in a pro-democracy protest.

Federal granting agencies and lawmakers step up scrutiny of foreign research collaborations

Over past 18 months, the White House, federal agencies and Congress have all signaled concerns about theft of sensitive academic research by foreign competitors. Here's what's been happening.

Maryland professor resigns after allegedly making discriminatory comments about Chinese students and cheating

Professor at Maryland who allegedly accused all Chinese students of cheating resigns, the latest in a series of incidents involving tensions between faculty and international students.


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