International higher education

Australia adapts European Union tool for comparing universities

Seeking to counteract rankings' intense focus on research, the country adapts a European tool that provides data on universities, warts and all.

Australian financier gives $50M for scholarships, challenges his peers


As Australian universities get into the fund-raising game, an international financier sets the pace with a $50 million donation and encourages others to follow suit.

Students rally against Hungary's plans for higher education

Students rally against government plans that leave some of them with steep tuition bills and others with requirements not to leave the country.

World Bank affiliate invests $150 million in for-profit college provider

The International Finance Corporation, a member of the World Bank Group, invests $150 million in Laureate Education, a for-profit higher ed provider.

Author of novel attacking lack of academic integrity runs an essay-writing service

Author of novel that criticizes universities for failing to prevent cheating himself runs an essay-writing service.

College enrollment demand flattens in Australia

After three years of growth, the number of students seeking places in Australia's universities flattens, similar to patterns seen in the United States.

Researchers analyze citation data to document trends in scientific migration and collaboration


Researchers analyze citation data to document trends in scientific migration and collaboration.

The fund raising drive for Syrian scholars and students continues

A campaign to fund scholarships and fellowships for Syrian students and professors is well under way. The first grantees reflect on the situation they left behind and their hopes to help Syria rebuild.

Filmmaker explores international students' post-graduation challenges

A filmmaker explores the struggles of international students who try to stay in America after graduation.

Universities in Arab spring nations urged to revive liberal arts


Arab Spring nations urged to embrace a tradition that once thrived in their countries.


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