International higher education

Study abroad numbers continue to grow, driven by continued growth in short-term programs

The number of Americans studying abroad continues to increase and grow more racially diverse. Participation in short-term programs is booming, while the number of students studying abroad for a full year is decreasing.

New international student enrollments continue to decline at U.S. universities

The number of new international students fell by 6.6 percent at U.S. universities in fall 2017, and the decline appears to be continuing this fall, according to new data.

Colleges sue to stop policy that makes it easier for international students to accrue "unlawful presence" in the U.S.

Colleges challenge a new U.S. policy that makes it easier for international students to face future three- or 10-year bars on re-entry.

Chinese companies seek to buy American campuses


When a Chinese company seeks to buy an American music college, opponents of the sale raise academic freedom concerns. Over the last several years, Chinese buyers have purchased a number of campuses in the U.S.

Trump administration recommends restoration of ACICS, an accreditor that remains controversial

Trump administration recommends restoring the controversial accreditor of many for-profits, citing a federal court ruling. Meanwhile, ACICS faces questions about its approval of a Danish business school's degree programs.

Hopkins librarian forced to leave country quickly over H-1B visa woes


British academic said she had to leave the country after Johns Hopkins declined to submit an application to renew her H-1B visa due to perceived likelihood of denial.

Wilson Center releases study on China's 'influence and interference' in U.S. higher ed

Report catalogs alleged complaints and interventions by embassy officials or individual students on American campuses. But can a compendium of concerning incidents encourage stereotyping?

Gambian student has life-changing opportunity to study in the U.S. but can't get a visa

Everything was in place for a young woman from a poor family in Gambia to come to the U.S. to get a college education. But she can't get a visa.

With international enrollments slowing or declining in some top destination countries, a look at trends across the globe

With international student enrollments falling or stagnating at the top two study destinations -- the U.S. and U.K. -- what does the picture look like around the world?

'Politico' reports that Trump called most Chinese students in the U.S. spies

Politico reports that the president called "almost every student" from China a spy.


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