International higher education

Freshman Year Abroad

An increasing number of colleges are offering long-term study abroad options starting in the first semester.

Mixed Picture on International Enrollment

Survey finds increases in total numbers of international students at U.S. graduate schools, but rate of growth among new students is slowing.

More Foreign Students -- Everywhere

Annual report finds first significant growth in U.S. enrollments of international students since 9/11, and upturn in study abroad fueled by short-term programs and study in nontraditional locales.

Study Abroad Gone Awry

U. of Washington faculty-led program in Ghana is under investigation after students cited serious health and academic concerns.

Studying Human Trafficking

Academics discuss ways to incorporate the subject into a range of college courses and disciplines.

Turmoil at a Mexican University

Months after forcing out a host of professors and administrators, the rector of an institution with close ties to U.S. colleges himself departs.

Rose-Colored Glasses on China?

One study finds Western universities rushing in without a plan. Another study questions institutes being created by Chinese government at universities worldwide.

Settlement in Singapore Over Failed University

University of New South Wales agrees to reimburse government of island nation for millions it spent to help establish first foreign university -- which closed within five months of opening.

Fear Factor

In wake of high-profile murders at Louisiana State, experts consider the impact on conceptions of U.S. campus safety among prospective international students.

Scholar's Visa Denial Upheld

The case of Tariq Ramadan has become central to efforts by academic and civil liberties groups to challenge the denial of U.S. visas to foreign scholars. And on Thursday, a federal judge handed those groups a defeat by upholding the right of the government to deny a visa to Ramadan, a prominent Muslim scholar who has been unable to enter the United States to accept a position at the University of Notre Dame.


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