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After jail sentence for Princeton Ph.D. student, scholars consider safety of research in Iran


Following 10-year jail sentence for Princeton Ph.D. student, scholars discuss the uncertainties of doing research in Iran.

Report looks at perceptions of third-party pathway programs for international students

New commissioned research from NAFSA: Association of International Educators looks at perceptions of partnering with corporate providers to establish pathway programs for international students.

Arizona embarks on plan to develop 25 global microcampuses

University of Arizona wants to establish more than 25 “microcampuses” -- capable of collectively educating more than 25,000 students -- at partner universities around the world.

Some universities move to open international high schools on their campuses

Amid pressures to increase revenues and international enrollments, some universities move to establish high schools for international students on their campuses.

Report on Confucius Institutes finds no smoking guns, but enough concerns to recommend closure

National Association of Scholars calls on universities to close their Confucius Institutes. Defenders say there's nothing sinister about the Chinese-backed centers.

In Hungary and Russia, Western-style universities are under threat

Western-style universities are challenged in Hungary and Russia. Is one university being punished for its ties to George Soros, and another for its gender studies courses?

Canadian universities post large gains in international applications

A Trump effect? Many Canadian universities are reporting large gains in international applications at the same time some American universities are seeing declines.

Study analyzes research outputs and impact across by gender


New analysis looks at differences in scholarly outputs and impacts across 12 countries/regions and 27 fields.

Revised travel ban excludes current visa holders but continues to raise concerns for higher education


Revised travel ban promises to reduce disruption to current students and scholars from affected countries, but concerns remain for new international enrollments and American higher ed’s continued ability to attract top talent from abroad.

International relations scholars meet against backdrop of Trump's presidency and travel ban


International relations scholars meet in the shadow of Trump's presidency and his temporarily halted travel ban.


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