University of Kirkuk took in students fleeing the Islamic State


University of Kirkuk took in 50,000 students fleeing the Islamic State.


Interviews with academics living in parts of Iraq controlled by ISIS


Faculty members in Iraq describe the fears, humiliations and violence they face.


Universities in Iraq are caught in the conflict

Once again universities in Iraq are caught in the middle of the conflict.


A call for the renewal of Arab science


Physics professor reflects on his personal history to suggest path forward for researchers in the Middle East.


Report compares governance and management of universities in the Middle East and North Africa


World Bank project looks at how universities in the region are being managed, but tries not to suggest adoption of any one model.


Potential of the 'Arab Spring'

At gathering of European university leaders, speakers urge them (and American counterparts) to promote reforms in Middle Eastern higher education.

Academics Struggle for Civil Society in Iraq

Scholars of the Middle East hear reports on somewhat limited progress facing their Iraqi colleagues.

Iraqi Academe, How Can We Help?

Embassy-sponsored conference gathers Iraqi American academics for discussion and action.

Patterns in Academic Persecution

Oppression of scholars extends across a range of countries, fueled not only by politics but also by general anti-intellectualism, a new report says.

Iraqi Scholarship Program Gets Started

It's a late start, but government officials prepare to send a pilot group of 500 to 700 students abroad starting this fall.


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