Italy's new education minister wants to emphasize impact over metrics


“Child of the Italian brain drain” is the new education minister.

Scholars fear for future of academic freedom in Italy


Governing party demands removal of a book its leaders don't like from a university reading list.

Research questions whether having women on search committees increases odds of hiring women


Having more women on committees that select academics for jobs does not increase the chances for female candidates and may actually do the opposite, according to a study of Italian and Spanish universities.

Disputes about unpaid wages renew questions about oversight of Italian university chartered by New Hampshire

A university in Italy operating with the stamp of approval of the New Hampshire Higher Education Commission once again finds itself in trouble for allegedly failing to pay its employees.


Italian university joins international colleges embracing English language

A public university in Italy transitions to English-only instruction. Meanwhile, some Israelis worry that institutions there have moved too far in that direction. Can universities be both “international” and “national"?

A University in Milan Shops for Professors Elsewhere

Many European nations worry about losing talent to the United States – and so try to raid American campuses in turn.
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