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AAC&U survey finds employers want candidates with liberal arts skills but cite 'preparedness gap'

AAC&U survey of employers shows liberal arts skills are valued and sought out in the workplace but raises questions about student preparation.


Debate raging over Harvard's federal work-study program

A tweet has launched a raging online debate on whether Harvard is misusing federal work-study money by paying students to clean dormitories and toilets.


University of Utah program pushes technical skills for liberal arts majors

University of Utah’s new certificate program raises a question: Do students with liberal arts degrees need more to get a job?


New job site in Colorado brings together powerful players in experiment worth watching

The Markle Foundation, LinkedIn and the state of Colorado team up on a jobs site that seeks to create a common, skills-based language among job seekers, employers and education providers.


New court ruling slows momentum of lawsuits challenging unpaid internships

After an initial ruling in a lawsuit struck a blow against unpaid internships, a new ruling gives the arrangement fresh legs.

Study finds big gaps between student and employer perceptions

Survey finds that college students think they are being well-prepared with the skills and qualities needed for careers. Employers are dubious.


Positive reports for humanities earnings, art school job prospects

Two separate reports show evidence of humanities and arts majors finding success in the professional world.

2012 Median annual earnings of full-time workers with bachelor's degrees for selected fields

Provosts, business leaders disagree on graduates' career readiness

New surveys reveal big disparities in how business leaders and the public view higher education and graduates' work force readiness, with some surprising results.


Private bridge programs expand to fill college-to-career gap

As colleges struggle to keep up with the new economy and employer demands, private companies are emerging to better position graduates for the work place, creating some tensions in academe.


To see how liberal arts grads really fare, report examines long-term data

Over the arc of a career, humanities and social science graduates earn as much or more than those in professional fields, new study shows, and are equally employed.


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