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Be Your Own Boss

Temple University officials noticed something a little out of the ordinary when they looked at the results of the post-graduation survey of 2009’s undergraduate class: for the first time in the life of the survey, self employment ranked alongside banking, education and healthcare as one of the most popular career paths for recent graduates.

Teaching a Leader

Career-minded college students (or their concerned and hovering parents) are always in search of surefire ways to make their résumés and transcripts stand out as they try to elbow out classmates for full-time jobs after graduation.

Spiders' Web

The University of Richmond is opening up its Rolodex.

In a move that reflects the university’s desire to help students land jobs after graduation, Richmond is stepping up its efforts to connect students with successful alumni. While networking among young and older graduates is nothing new, Richmond is taking some deliberate steps to connect current students more frequently and formally with those who came before. Chief among those steps is a rather novel decision to combine the university’s career services offices with alumni relations and fund-raising operations.

Hungry for Jobs

If new law graduates can't find jobs, whose fault is that? Are the latest crops of new graduates just unlucky to be job-hunting in the worst economic downturn in decades? Are law schools admitting too many students without being fully open about the job market?

'Intern Nation'

The debate over unpaid internships is complex. Students want the experience, but not all can afford it, especially when they’re required to pay for the (sometimes mandatory) corresponding academic credit.

Colleges want to graduate seasoned workers who've had myriad internship opportunities, but can’t always tell which internships are legitimate and don’t want to scare off potential employers by cracking down on what they offer.

Well-meaning businesses want productive interns, but many say they can’t afford to pay them anymore.

The Myth of the Starving Artist

First major survey of arts grads finds that, despite low pay, respondents report high levels of employment and fulfillment.

MBA in Job-Hunting?

Wake Forest business school raises placement rate by hiring a slew of career coaches and creating a course in career planning.


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