Trump order on anti-Semitism on campuses draws free speech concerns


White House order directs federal agencies to "consider" a controversial definition of anti-Semitism in investigating civil rights complaints at college campuses.


Hillels nationwide focus on assuring students and protecting safety


As Jewish students grieve and organize vigils, their national organization discusses steps taken to assure their security. Two of those killed had ties to Pitt.


Yeshiva, which has junk bond finances, isn't going anywhere, professors say

Yeshiva's finances look bad, but some faculty members there do not despair.


Swarthmore Hillel rejects ban on anti-Israel speakers


Swarthmore College's Hillel chapter says it won't adhere to guidelines barring it from cooperating with or hosting anti-Israel groups or speakers. In response, Hillel headquarters draws a hard line.


New York University settles anti-Semitism case with Education Department

New York University agreed to take a number of actions to settle the first civil rights probe under Trump's anti-Semitism executive order. But some see risk to free expression on campus.


Swarthmore Hillel breaks with parent organization over Israel issues

Hillel chapter at Swarthmore votes to change its name after its parent organization threatened legal action regarding Israel-related programming.

Princeton professor protests his exclusion from a panel on Gaza on political grounds

Princeton professor protests his preemptive exclusion from a panel based on his support of the academic boycott of Israel.


A Rebuke for Brandeis Administrators

Faculty panel rejects phasing out the teaching of ancient Greek -- and sees "incalculable" damage from the way cuts were proposed.

Anti-Semitism or Overreaction?

An ad in The New York Times features a swastika and suggests that Jewish students face increasing danger. Not everyone agrees.

'No Evidence' of Anti-Semitism at Columbia

A committee investigating charges that scholars in the university's Middle Eastern studies program intimidated Jewish and Israeli students has found "no evidence of any statements made by the faculty that could reasonably be construed as anti-Semitic."

But the panel concluded that one professor "exceeded commonly accepted bounds" of classroom behavior by conveying that a student's question merited harsh public criticism, and found a more general lack of civility in the interactions of professors and students.


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