Kamala Harris

Democratic contenders push moderate debt relief plans in response to Warren, Sanders

The student debt relief plans from Democratic presidential contenders Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg offer targeted loan forgiveness, drawing contrast with Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.


Democratic contenders' higher ed positions go well beyond free college

The 2016 Democratic primary was defined in part by free college. But contenders seeking the party's nomination in 2020 have focused on a wide range of issues in higher ed, including debt relief, for-profits and sexual misconduct.


Kamala Harris Plan Would Boost HBCU Funding

Senator Kamala Harris, a California Democrat and 2020 presidential contender, said on Tuesday that she would include new funding for historically black colleges as part of a plan to boost the salaries of American teachers by an average of $13,500.

As part of support for new recruitment and training of instructors, the Harris plan would direct new money to HBCUs and minority-serving institutions to address an underrepresentation of teachers of color.

The proposal, which was released on the Harris campaign's website, did not specify how much funding would go toward those colleges. The total cost of the teacher pay plan would be roughly $315 billion over 10 years, the campaign said.

Harris said at a campaign event over the weekend that the proposal would address a gap of 11 percent between pay for teachers and other college-educated professionals.

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Potential 2020 Democratic contenders issue proposals on equity that could help people pay for college

Cory Booker wants to address inequality -- and college access -- with child savings accounts. Kamala Harris wants to give working and middle class a boost in income. These proposals from prospective 2020 Democratic contenders would mean more money for students to pay for college.

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