University of Louisville housecleaning raises questions


Kentucky governor's dismissal of most trustees and the president's resignation, designed to end university's governance logjam, could create a new set of problems.


Small private college closes, blames Education Department sanction

St. Catharine College is closing, and the small private institution blames its demise on a version of the same Education Department sanction that toppled the for-profit Corinthian Colleges.


Kentucky will delay free community college scholarship

A planned scholarship to provide students in Kentucky with free tuition for the first two years is put on ice for a year by the state's governor.


Kentucky weighs free community college proposal

Kentucky lawmakers mull a scholarship bill that could add the state to those offering free community college.


University that went bankrupt amid tighter federal scrutiny looks to collect money from former students

Mid-Continent University's closure last year left a messy situation for students -- and it was precipitated by financial sanctions the U.S. Department of Education uses to rein in colleges.


Midway College's attempt at creating a pharmacy school shows dangers of assumed quick fix

Midway College’s aborted effort to construct a pharmacy school shows that an assumed quick fix to finance problems might not be as easy as it seems.


Faculty eager for board to act on president's plagiarism

Some West Liberty faculty members have called on W. Franklin Evans to resign, while others seek a vote of no confidence. Students and faculty are looking to the board to act on the issue.


Louisville Nonprofit Starts Scholarship Fund

A new scholarship program in Louisville, Ky., will cover tuition and fees at some public state colleges for local public school graduates.

Evolve502, a local nonprofit working to get more children in the Louisville area to attend college, is funding the scholarship.

The Evolve502 Scholarship is open to graduates of Jefferson County Public Schools starting with the Class of 2021, according to the nonprofit's website. Students can use the scholarship to attend any Kentucky Community & Technical College or Simmons College of Kentucky, a historically Black college. It can be used to pursue an associate degree, workforce credential or as a pathway to earn a four-year degree.

It is a last-dollar scholarship that will cover tuition and fees after a student has used all available state, federal and institutional financial aid. Students from households with incomes of $40,000 or less are eligible to receive an Opportunity Grant of $1,000 per semester to help with other costs.

The scholarship will last until at least 2034, though the nonprofit hopes to raise more funds to extend the program.

To be eligible for the scholarship, students must have been enrolled in the public school district since at least the ninth grade, have graduated and be eligible for the Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship, which requires students maintain a 2.5 GPA throughout high school. Students who have earned a GED within 12 months of their original high school graduation date are also eligible. Those who enroll in the military shortly after graduation can defer their eligibility.

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Community colleges step up outreach to Latinos

Two-year institutions across the country are getting creative with Latino student recruitment as Hispanic populations grow.


Judge grants injunction blocking governor's replacement of U of Louisville board

Kentucky judge issues temporary injunction blocking governor's executive order that replaced university trustees.



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