George Mason moves ahead with a South Korea campus

After withdrawing from the Gulf, George Mason plans to branch out once more -- participating in a South Korean university's effort to attract numerous foreign campuses.

South Korean leaders continue to meddle in university leadership choices, critics say


Academics worry about turnover of university leaders following a new government.

American ban on travel to North Korea could kill Western-style university there


U.S. ban on travel to the country could kill the institution.

Interview with president of the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology


An interview with the president of the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.

Foreign academics report difficulties working at leading South Korean university


Western scholars recruited to a top university report feeling their careers are limited, and they leave after a few years.

Study finds impact of pre-tenure status on publication rates at Korean universities


In South Korea, publication rates change with tenure, study finds.

Transition to Bilingualism

New Fairleigh Dickinson U. program doesn't require Korean students to excel in ESL before earning credits toward their degrees.

English Growth -- and Backlash -- in Korea

As use of language becomes more popular and more required, some fear cultural homogenization.

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