Princeton proposal would require all students -- even those already proficient -- to study a language other than English


Princeton general-education proposal would require all students -- even those already proficient in a foreign language -- to study a language other than English. Most of the shrinking number of institutions with requirements let students test out of them.

Job market is tight in many humanities fields, but healthy in economics

Market looks tight and getting worse for job seekers in English, foreign languages, history and philosophy. But a major social science field -- economics -- is doing a lot of hiring.

Speakers at MLA generally are skeptical of idea of shrinking Ph.D. programs

Speakers at MLA meeting endorse many reforms of graduate education, but object to the idea that Ph.D. programs should shrink.

MLA sees decline in job listings in English and languages


MLA's annual jobs report shows dips in hiring for both English and foreign languages.

A proposed Ph.D. in German at Colorado aims to halve time to degree

As graduate programs fend off cuts elsewhere, U. of Colorado introduces doctorate in German studies that seeks to halve time to degree and prepare students for academic and non-academic careers.

Educators question taking Rosetta Stone for credit

Should software replace professors in introductory language courses? Should colleges be splitting fees with a software company for helping to provide credit for such instruction?

Fee for postdoctoral programs irks applicants

Humanities scholars want to know why some top postdoc fellowship programs are charging people to apply.


Educators in Denmark fear closure of language programs


Educators say 32 foreign language programs have closed in the last five years.

MLA panel proposes overhaul of how association takes stands on issues

Panel proposes overhaul of the sometimes controversial resolution process, which some members value. Tensions linger over movement -- rejected by the association last year -- to boycott Israeli academe.

French professors protest article on France, Islamism


Paper in The French Review titled “Islamism’s Conquest of the French Republic” draws outcry, not only on charges of Islamophobia, but on its scholarly merit. An editor who joined in criticism is fired.


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