Raising the Bar

California's community colleges toughen graduation requirements. Some see changes as overdue; others fear standards are too high.

Disappearing Languages at Albany

Scholars stunned by decision to eliminate French, Italian, Russian and classics programs. Tenured faculty say they were told they would lose jobs.

Drilling the Living Tongue

A fight over pedagogy and personalities prompts an exodus of faculty from the University of Maryland's flagship Arabic studies program.

Getting Their Babel On

MLA survey shows record array of foreign languages offered on the nation’s campuses, as the proportion of students enrolling holds steady.

Boost for the Humanities

Defying trends, Mellon Foundation puts up $10 million to get the state of Wisconsin to do the same for its flagship university.

Deconstructing a Calendar Change

English and foreign language professors no longer need to rush from family gatherings to the MLA on December 27. How are they adjusting?

A Tough Job Outlook

Number of openings for English and foreign languages has stopped falling -- but it hasn't recovered at all from two years of dramatic drops.

The Web of Babel

Online-only language courses might be controversial, but some have found Web 2.0 to be a boon for language instruction.

Classroom Matters

UNC-Chapel Hill plans to scale back controversial online Spanish 101 experiment after three semesters.

Yanked from the Margins

New panel is charged by bipartisan quartet of Congressmen to find 10 ways to strengthen the humanities and social sciences.


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