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Illinois Chicago will acquire law school despite trends in legal education

University of Illinois at Chicago moves to acquire nearby private law school while, to the west, the University of Iowa closes a branch campus it was given in 2015.

Guest lecture on free speech at CUNY law school heckled

Speaker at CUNY law school interrupted repeatedly by those who said he shouldn't have been permitted there.

Penn says Amy Wax will no longer teach required first-year law courses after more comments about race come to light


Penn says Amy Wax will no longer teach required first-year courses after another widely criticized set of comments about race -- this time about black law students at the university -- comes to light.

ABA letters on accreditation reflect contracting market for law schools

The ABA has publicly posted reports on the accreditation status of more than 5 percent of the law schools it approves in the last 18 months, providing a window into the continued aftereffects of the law school bubble.

American Bar Association receives pushback on tenure proposal

The ABA wants to end a rule that assures law schools have the majority of courses taught by full-timers. While some say this would minimize costs, others see an erosion of quality.

Whittier Law School shutdown raises prospect of future closures and access for underrepresented students

Plans to close law school spark questions about future shutdowns and worries about impact on student access.

Whittier College's law school won't enroll new students

After college announces decision by board, law school denounces the move.

Initial audit finds flaws in some law school employment reporting practices

A random review finds five of 10 institutions fell short on backing up claims about graduates' job placement success.

New book, based on interviews with law deans and admissions officers, details impact of rankings

Two sociologists interviewed law deans and admissions officers about impact of U.S. News rankings on legal education -- and their new book says impact is significant and generally negative.

The law school transfer market heats up, getting some deans hot under the collar

Some law schools are going after large numbers of transfer students, seeking out new revenue and students with LSAT scores that won't count in the rankings game.


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