Law schools

How to Deal ... With Life

Vice is alive and well in the dorm. Now a group originating at Harvard Law School seeks to bring it into the teaching realm. Is poker a winning academic bet?

Legal Education at a Distance

Concord, an online law school, merges with Kaplan and gains aid eligibility; Penn State wins unusual variance from the ABA's strict limits on distance ed.

Tracking Bias or Guilt by Association?

Unusual lawsuit over tenure denial of gay professor at Michigan focuses on the writings and affiliations of some who voted No.

Being Active (Or Not) in Law School

Older students tend to spend more time preparing for class but are less likely to be involved in a co-curricular activity than are younger counterparts, annual survey of law school "engagement" finds.

The Right to be Readmitted?

A white law student with disabilities sues because she wasn't allowed back after failing to meet minimum grade requirements -- when she says other students, mainly minorities, were.

Solving 'The English Student's Dilemma'?

“Mom, Dad, I want an M.F.A.”

“That’s nice dear. What about a law degree?”

Law Schools Fight Proposed Limit on Judges' Travel

The "good government" movement in Washington has taken aim at fat-cat lobbyists, free spending campaign donors, and earmark producing lawmakers. Its latest target: judge-inviting law schools?

Joining the Law School Rankings Game

A law journal plans "Deadwood Report" to test whether schools live up to boasts about having faculties that excel in teaching, research and service.

Overhauling Law School's Third Year

"We wouldn't dream of training doctors only from a book." In many ways, that quote from the dean of the law school at Washington and Lee University sums up a dramatic curricular change announced this week -- in which the law school is adding the equivalent at the very least of dissections, if not of medical residencies. The law school is completely replacing all academic courses in the third year of its program with "experiential" courses in which students will perform work equivalent to that done by lawyers.

Hey, You! Pay Attention!

U. of Chicago law school blocks Internet access in classrooms -- and many students are outraged.


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