Legal issues

Stamping Out Smoking -- Even Outdoors

To the dismay of some students and employees, Pennsylvania's system of state-owned universities uses new law curbing "indoor" smoking to ban it everywhere on its 14 campuses.

In Study Abroad, Dispute Over Roaming

Students and parents sue cell phone provider popular among study abroad participants, alleging unfair billing practices.

From Plaintiff to Donor

Anthropologist who brought landmark sexual discrimination suit against Brown U. in the late '70s gives $1 million to the institution she once fought.

Dean Whose Silence Couldn't Be Bought

When he felt a student had been done an injustice, David Potter came to her defense. For him, it was a matter of principle. Now, the former associate dean of Syracuse University’s College of Arts and Science says he is out of a job because of it.

Privacy Concerns About U.S. Database

College and student groups balk at proposal by Education Dept.'s inspector general to collect in a central database (and potentially share) massive amounts of personal information.

Christmas Wins Another Round

Florida university president -- like a Missouri president last year -- reverses ban on holiday decorations. Legal experts aren't surprised.

Unsettling Settlement Over 'Donor Intent'

Given the level of vitriol that marked the six-year legal battle between Princeton University and the relatives of a former donor, it's hardly surprising that Wednesday's settlement to bring the lawsuit to a close was not, as some such accords are, of the "Can't we all just get along?" group hug variety.

Professor Accused of Genocide

Goucher suspends faculty member in French who is being sought by Interpol for charges that he was directly involved in the 1994 massacres in Rwanda -- charges that some experts doubt.

Fla. Community College President Indicted

Northwest Florida State College places president on leave after grand jury files felony conspiracy charges against him and key state lawmaker.

Adviser, but not 'Fiduciary'

There are varying views of where the lines are in the relationships between faculty members and the graduate students they advise.


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