Legal issues

Holding Fire

Is a community college student under scrutiny because she favors concealed weapons, or because she didn't follow procedures?

Gender Bias Alleged -- Again -- at Florida Gulf Coast

Former provost sues in part over sexually demeaning comments that she says ex-president made and in part for way she says allegations of discrimination were handled.

Supreme Court Punts

Justices opt -- for now -- not to resolve dispute over right of public universities to bar anti-gay bias and right of Christian groups to be recognized as student organizations.

Challenge to the Kindle

In theory, move to digital textbooks will help the visually impaired. But advocates say college experiments violate law because digital readers aren't accessible to the blind.

If It Can Happen To Him ...

For black male academics, the arrest of Henry Louis Gates represented their experiences and fears of profiling, no matter how many degrees they have earned.

A College's Surprising Reprieve

Lawsuits often paint a dire (and sometimes exaggerated) assessment of what will happen if the party doing the suing does not get its way.

But there was no hyperbole when Paul Quinn College noted in the lawsuit it filed Tuesday against the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, in its assertion that "the college will suffer catastrophic and irreparable harm ... [i]f the revocation of the college's accreditation is not reversed and its membership in SACS is not reinstated.... SACS's improper act could be the college's 'death knell.' "

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Georgia community college professor dismissed for unexplained “sexual harassment” charge days after complaining to administrators about flaw in institution's policy.

'The Trials of Academe'

When in doubt, sue. That philosophy has become an expected part of American society and (to the frustration of many in higher education) academe as well. A new book -- The Trials of Academe: The New Era of Campus Litigation (Harvard University Press) -- combines humor and history to examine the impact (most of it negative) of academic disputes landing in court.

Open Letter on Open Access

Presidents of 57 liberal arts colleges pen a public missive urging Congress to open up access to journal articles on federally funded research.

Painful Lesson on Patents

Federal court's ruling denying Stanford rights to researcher's invention points to tension over policies on institutional vs. faculty ownership.


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