Legal issues

College Reverses Veil Ban

Massachusetts institution adds a religious exemption to its rule barring face-obscuring head coverings.

Ifs, Ands and Butts

After a wave of colleges banned smoking, some officials feel pressure to make exceptions, and still grapple with enforcement.

Hitting Pause on Class Videos

A trade group goes after UCLA for posting copyrighted videos on course Web sites -- and hints that other colleges might be next.

Clash Over Student Privacy

Head of Education Department's privacy office says he was fired for challenging U.S. approach to promoting state student data systems.

Rights of the Accused

As faculty and administration at Southern Illinois at Carbondale hammer out a policy for sexual harassment claims, professors fear for due process rights.

Frustration Over 'Framing'

Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab, also know as OWL, helps students improve their writing skills. But the writing lab's instructors want students who use OWL’s Web resources to do so on the program's Web site.

That’s why officials at OWL were disturbed to find last week that, a company that offers free instructional resources in addition to commercial e-tutoring services, was “framing” OWL’s original writing under its own banner.

Fighting a Copyright Charge

UCLA says it will start streaming videos on course Web sites again -- despite legal threats from an educational media trade group.

Taking Sides

In key Supreme Court case, major higher ed associations back right of public colleges to apply anti-bias policies to religious student groups. Some Christian colleges object.

Medievalists Joust Over Blog

Scholars turn on one of their favorite blogs, alleging ethical and copyright violations.

Evaporating First Amendment?

Judge's finding that controversial columns by a university professor lacked Constitutional protection has a variety of legal watchdogs worried.


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