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Long-term look at return on investment reveals positive indicators for liberal arts

A liberal arts education may not have the highest returns in the short run, but a study finds that after 40 years, liberal arts institutions bring a higher return than most colleges.

Author discusses his book on the purpose of college

Johann Neem discusses his new book about the need to affirm -- and strengthen -- the liberal arts at a time when reformers are doubting their value and that of higher education.

Guilford College is changing the way it does most everything

Guilford College is changing the way it does most everything in an effort to stem its enrollment decline. But officials say it is also leaning in to its mission.

Gordon College eliminates 36 positions, announces cuts to many liberal arts majors

Gordon College announces cuts to majors, consolidating history, philosophy and political science into a single department and eliminating stand-alone majors in chemistry, foreign languages, physics and other fields.

Hampshire College won't admit additional students

But college will enroll those who were admitted early decision or were admitted a year ago and deferred enrolling.

Liberal education advocates discuss ways to reclaim conversations about academe

Liberal education advocates discuss ways to "reclaim" conversations about academe -- in part by not using the term "liberal arts."

Green Mountain College tried numerous strategies but is still closing

Green Mountain College in Vermont tried many of the most popular strategies to set itself up to survive in the face of harsh population trends, but it didn't work. What does that mean for other private liberal arts colleges?

Hampshire College looks for partner, may not enroll freshmen in fall

Hampshire College, the nearly 50-year-old experiment in self-directed education, facing "bruising financial and demographic realities," looks for a partner.

Liberal arts college and boot camp team up to offer new computer science degree

A coding boot camp and a liberal arts university share instructors and accreditation to create a new computer science degree, aimed at making graduates of both institutions more employable.

Survey: Business leaders believe students are learning skills but not those needed to advance

A new survey reveals that not only do business executives value college, they want students with skills associated with the liberal arts.


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