Liberal arts colleges

When Adrian College threatened to cut history and more, alumni organized

Adrian College planned to terminate history, philosophy, religion and more -- until graduates organized to stop it. Faculty members still don't understand why the programs were threatened.

Publishing colleges' financial information has a long history and raises a larger set of issues

There's a long history of debate over whether potentially vulnerable colleges should be publicly named.

Cuts leave concerns for liberal arts at Tulsa

Professors fear University of Tulsa abandoning its historic commitment to education beyond job training.

Study documents economic gains from liberal arts education

Sure, engineers earn more, but new study shows that liberal arts college grads are doing just fine and seeing economic mobility -- and that much of what is said about graduates of these programs is not backed by evidence.

Green Mountain is latest small college to close

Green Mountain says it couldn't chart a path toward financial stability. This semester will be its last.

After expansion, Drew University plans nonacademic cuts

Under pressure to close funding and enrollment gaps, a small, private liberal arts institution in New Jersey expands academic offerings, then proposes cutting noninstructional budgets. Will Drew's strategy work?

Ohio's Hiram College puts 'new liberal arts' to the test

Ohio's Hiram College stakes its future on ability to attract enough students willing to embrace a new, more interdisciplinary, experiential curriculum.

Responding to student criticism that its foundational humanities course is too white, Reed College announces changes

Responding to student criticism that its foundational humanities course is too “white” and “Eurocentric,” Reed College announces overhaul of the syllabus and format.

Study suggests ways liberal arts colleges can create online courses

Initiative to encourage liberal arts colleges to create online courses gets positive reviews from faculty members, but students may not be convinced.

CIC Presidents Institute increases focus on solutions for struggling colleges

Heightened concern about liberal arts institutions is reflected in presidents’ outlooks and an institute program.


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