Liberal arts colleges

A Shift Back on Aid

Many colleges hurt by endowment losses have made it a point to say that revised budget plans won't change student financial assistance. Middlebury went another route -- and others may follow.

Are College Athletes Psyching Themselves Out?

Study suggests perceived threat of confirming negative stereotypes may cause some -- but not all -- of academic achievement gap between athletes and non-athletes.

The Liberal Arts, Abroad

Outposts of liberal learning are popping up worldwide, often based on adaptations of an American model.

For Study Away, Credit Upon Return

Under new curriculum, Susquehanna U. says students must go away. But it's the course they take when they come back that's required.

A 'Mission-Driven' Core

Social justice matters get a fair amount of attention at colleges these days, often in the form of service learning or extracurricular activities. But at one Roman Catholic liberal arts college near Philadelphia, the very core of a new curriculum foregrounds the fact that justice does matter.

New Approach to Community College Transfers

Dickinson, a private liberal arts institution, creates link to honors programs at four two-year institutions, offering financial and academic support in hopes of attracting new cohorts.

A Global Liberal Arts Alliance

New network seeks to encourage colleges to trade knowledge and talent -- from Pennsylvania to Pakistan.

Ward Churchill Redux?

Bowdoin is poised to discipline a professor for research errors that he says officials went looking for only because they didn't like the content of his work -- not unlike another recent case.

The Sale of Waldorf

Liberal arts institution, unable to balance budget, will become part of a for-profit, online university. The college will survive and grow, but tenure and the Lutheran affiliation will soon disappear.

Not So Politically Incorrect

As College Democrats fight for recognition at Liberty U., other liberal student groups maintain peaceful relationships at traditionally conservative institutions -- and so do conservative counterparts at more liberal institutions.


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