Work place 'flexibility stigma' affects non-parents, too, study suggests


What do academic departments risk when they're not perceived as being "flexible" enough to accommodate work-family balance? A lot -- and not only parents feel the pinch, a new study suggests.

Blog aims to 'normalize' kindness in academe


There are lots of stories about jerks in academe. A new blog isn't about them.

Chicago community college faculty object to idea of being fingerprinted daily

Should faculty be forced to check in every day by fingerprint? Chicago community college faculty members object to that possibility.

Professor says what he thinks, and regrets it

Have you ever wished you could tell a student what you really think? One professor recently did so, and regrets the way he did it (if not the substance).

British professors object to website that ranks them


British professors object to website -- inspired by Rate My Professors -- that ranks them.

New book on gender, family and academe shows how kids affect careers in higher education


A decadelong research initiative out of the University of California at Berkeley culminates in a detailed look at the effects of children on men's and women's academic careers.

Blog post asks whether nice academics finish last

A professor's reflection on personalities prevalent in academe strikes a chord with scholars.

Study debunks myth that male faculty 'milk' paid leave

Male faculty members don't take paid parental leave as often as critics assert, even when their spouses also work.

Campus and academic communities left to wonder why after a professor's suicide

Death of department chair at Texas A&M -- a prominent figure in rhetoric nationally -- leaves scholars with more questions than answers.

New survey on faculty activities and attitudes

New survey of faculty members finds decreased time on teaching, gender differences in classroom approaches, and more stress in the public than private sector. Plus new data on part-timers.


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