Loan programs

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau plays outsize role as regulator of for-profits and loan servicers

As second longtime target collapses and enforcement actions pile up, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau becomes key regulator of student loan industry and for-profit higher ed.

U.S. plans to let some colleges experiment with required counseling for borrowers

Education Department will let some colleges experiment with required loan counseling, which some hope will discourage overborrowing.

Proportion of college graduates with 'excessive' debt is growing

An analysis finds a steady rise in the proportion of college graduates paying too high a percentage of their annual income to repay student loan debt.

Senators strike deal to revive expired Perkins Loan Program, with changes

Bipartisan agreement would renew the expired loan program for two years -- but with some new eligibility restrictions that concern colleges.

Average student debt rose in 2014 (and grew by more than half over a decade)

Annual report finds a 2 percent uptick in undergraduates' student loan burdens, and a 56 percent increase over 10 years.

Student loan defaults drop as Obama admin again tweaks rates

The share of students defaulting on their federal loans within three years fell this year, as the Obama administration again made a controversial tweak to the default rates in ways that helped some colleges.

Four surprising findings on debt and default among community college students

Community college students who take out small federal loans are more likely to default, new report finds, and most defaulters earned fewer than 15 credits and never made a payment on their debt.

New College Scorecard repayment data fuels debate over accountability for higher ed

Repayment rates may replace default rates as key measure of quality. That's bad news for many for-profit and historically black colleges, and some community colleges, too.

Student debt protesters crash annual gathering of college financial aid officers

On social media and in person, student activists zero in on financial aid administrators' annual conference.

O'Malley's personal example on college debt confuses the experts

Martin O'Malley introduces his plan for debt-free college by talking about how much he and his wife borrowed for their oldest two children. The total left student aid experts shaking their heads.


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