Loan programs

Court to Rule on Delinquent Debt

Can the U.S. go after a student loan defaulter's Social Security benefits? The justices will decide.

Bush vs. Bankers

There is no such thing as an offhanded comment from a White House spokesman.

So when Trent Duffy, in explaining Friday that President Bush would seek to bolster the Pell Grant program in part by reducing the subsidies paid to lenders in the student-loan program, called the subsidies "excessive" and described the loan industry as "very profitable," the political winds surrounding the student-loan programs continued to shift.

New Analyses on Aid Policy

Studies are released on students who borrow and then drop out, and on the role of private scholarships.

U.S. Orders Corinthian to Repay $775,000 in Student Aid

Education Department imposes no fines or penalties after investigation into wrongdoing at Bryman College campus in San Jose.

New Loan Repayment Option

The Education Department is giving student borrowers a new way to consolidate -- and to lock in lower interest rates.

Lender's Lawsuit Lives Again

A federal appeals court on Monday breathed new life into a long-running legal battle between two competing student loan companies.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit overturned a lower court jury's 2003 ruling siding with Sallie Mae in a lawsuit brought by College Loan Corporation.

Detente, Sort of, on Student Loans

Lawmakers at House hearing agree that industry and government programs should compete, but clash on most everything else.

House Holds Firm on Tight Budget

In passing spending measure for student aid and NIH, lawmakers approve permanent end to lender loophole.

A 'Sky is Not Falling' Study on Loan Debt

Amid the torrent of reports and calls to arms about the dangers of growing student loan debt comes a study suggesting that things might not be quite as bad as they seem.

Possible Breakthrough on Loan Consolidation

Republican leader proposes giving borrowers a choice of fixed or variable interest rates, but plan offers few details.


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