Loan programs

Too Much Debt, or Not Enough?

Policy makers and researchers debate whether a $20,000 student loan burden is "unmanageable."

Lenders Speak Out Against Cuts

Letter to lawmakers says reductions in student loan programs would hurt students and lenders alike, limiting access to college.

Social Security and Defaulted Student Loans

U.S. can seize benefits when borrower has been delinquent for a decade, Supreme Court rules.

Senate Passes Budget Bill -- But...

A tumultuous day may only delay passage of budget and other bills that college groups generally dislike.

Flawed Loan System

Rising student debts and inconsistent rules make time ripe for new repayment options, report says.

Loans for Sale

Governors in 3 states target student loan agencies for cash influx, but privatization worries critics.

Debt, Deterring Public Service

Student loan repayment may preclude large numbers of graduates from teaching and social work jobs, study suggests.

New Push to Ease Debt

Coalition of student groups and lenders urge Education Department to change rules to make student loan repayment easier. 

'60 Minutes' vs. Sallie Mae

Sallie Mae received the full "60 Minutes" treatment Sunday night, in a segment that highlighted criticism that the student loan giant profits on the backs of students and taxpayers.

Fuss Over a Financial Aid 'Fix'

When Congress hurriedly passed a mammoth bill designed (in name, at least) to cut the federal deficit in December, lawmakers intended to raise the interest rate on loans taken out by parents to 8.5 percent from 7.9 percent as of July 1.


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