Loan programs

With debt-free movement, colleges see challenges and opportunities but few details

As fight against college debt has its moment, what do college association leaders think about it?

With push from liberals, debt-free college gains traction in the 2016 Democratic campaign


Democratic presidential contenders, apparently including Hillary Clinton, are moving to the idea that borrowing shouldn't be needed in public higher education. Is that the right approach?

As Corinthian enters bankruptcy, U.S. responds to debt relief calls

As Corinthian files for bankruptcy, Education Department officials race to head off the political firestorm over debt forgiveness sparked by unprecedented collapse of the for-profit college. 

Education Department meets with ex-Corinthian students who refuse to repay federal loans

The number of students refusing to repay the loans they took out to attend a for-profit college swells to 100 -- and meeting with U.S. officials gives them a boost.

Education Department names most of the colleges facing heightened scrutiny from federal officials

Education Department releases most of the names of colleges that have had access to federal student aid curtailed over concerns about financial viability, administrative capacity or other issues.

Education Department will release list of colleges found to be risky for students, taxpayers

The Education Department plans to release list of colleges whose federal aid is restricted because of concerns they pose risks to students and taxpayers. In recent years most on list have been for-profit colleges. 

Student activists call for ‘debt strike’ against federal loans they incurred at the embattled Corinthian Colleges

Student activists refuse to pay federal loans incurred at the embattled for-profit education company and call on the Department of Education for greater borrower relief. 

Obama administration Pay As You Earn expansion will cost $9 billion

Budget documents show Obama's planned expansion of his Pay As You Earn plan will add $9 billion to already-rising long-term cost of federal student loans.

Democrats tout student loan issues, Ryan budget higher ed cuts in political ads

Student debt, the Ryan Budget, and the value of the Department of Education are among the higher education issues making their way onto the political airwaves this fall, as Democrats look to hold on to the Senate and keep seats in the House.

Default rate on federal loans ticks down slightly; 21 colleges face sanctions for high rates

The default rate on federal loans edges down as 21 colleges face sanctions for having rates that exceed the legal threshold.


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